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Ride Safer With HEX ezCAN


May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Be Nice, Look Twice & Watch for Motorcycles

As we head into summer and riders start to increasingly head out onto the roads, now is a good time to evaluate your safety. We’ve rounded up a few ways you can use HEX ezCAN Products to improve your safety on the road this riding season.

Are you BRIGHT enough?

Now is a good time to assess your visibility on the road. Do some of your existing lights need upgrading or can you add additional lights to give your bike a wider profile and increase your side visibility?

The HEX ezCAN plugs directly into your motorcycle and listens to the CAN-bus. It is the ultimate plug-and-play solution to add accessories like lights to your motorcycle without the need to cut any wires that could void your warranty.

As if making your bike brighter wasn’t easy enough with the ezCAN, we’ve recently added specific ezCAN accessories which make adding lights like Denali B6 Brake lights or the popular Baja Squadron / Squadron Pro Series lights even more seamless. Add our tried and tested Extension Cable Kit for the ultimate setup.

Preview some of the light configurations you can set up on your bike using the HEX ezCAN.

Are you LOUD enough?

With the HEX ezCAN’s 4 high power outputs and easy-to-use software you can easily and confidently add an additional air horn or SoundBomb to make your presence on the road known to motorists!

Are you riding SMART enough?

Accidents happen and when they do, a dash cam can help keep things simple. When it comes to motorcycle dash camera systems, you would be doing yourself no favours if you did not consider one of the Innovv systems. There’s a reason they are known as the best motorcycle dash cam.

To find out how you can power your Innovv dash cam using an ezCAN check out our blog post below.

Not sure which ezCAN is right for your Bike?

Use our nifty VIN Decoder