Here you will find our comprehensive HEX Warranty Replacement Process for Customers.

HEX Warranty Replacement Process for Customers

Version March 2022

All HEX products are covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty which is activated on invoice date of the sales order.  For a warranty to be valid, all products must be registered upon initial software installation.  Accessories, spares and add-on’s are covered by a 3-month manufacturer warranty.

In the event you experience a fault or breakdown with your device during the warranty period, you should follow the steps below:

  1. If you purchased your product directly from HEX, then you should send a support request email directly to HEX support with your full name, product serial number and a brief description of the fault.
  2. If you purchased your product from one of our distributors, in the first instance, you should contact them directly to troubleshoot your device. Your distributor will then make contact with HEX to report the warranty case and HEX will either carry out additional troubleshooting or authorise a  warranty replacement.  HEX may request to engage with you directly to attempt to resolve the issue with the device, by running a number of tests and/or software update procedures.
  3. If HEX support confirms the fault and is unable to rectify it remotely, then a request will be made with your distributor to issue a warranty replacement.  HEX support will then request you liaise directly with your distributor to receive your replacement device.
  4. In some cases we may request a device to be returned to us for further investigation regarding the failure. 
  5. Once you receive your new device, you should register this as a new device within the respective product software .  Following registration, your new warranty period is valid for 2-years from despatch date of replacement device. 

Please take note of the support emails below:

HEX ezCAN support: support@hexezcan.com 
HEX GS-911 support: support@hexcode.co.za