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Get ready for Riding Season with HEX GS-911

The start of Riding Season is an exciting time for motorcycle enthusiasts. After months of being tucked away in garages, it’s finally time to hit the open road and enjoy the thrill of riding. However, before you embark on your adventures, it’s crucial to ensure that your bike is in optimal condition for a safe and enjoyable Riding Season. That’s where HEX GS-911 comes in.

To help you get Riding Season ready, we’ve put together a short checklist of essential maintenance tasks:


Importance of inspecting your brake pads:

  • Worn pads from last season may need replacing and your brake lines need to be checked for cracks and leaks.
  • Check brake fluid level at the fluid reservoir – should be between the min/max markings.
  • Check that there’s no excessive travel on the front brake lever and no unusual play or sponginess on the rear brake pedal


  • Tyres can lose pressure over time so check they are inflated correctly using a reliable gauge.
  • Tread depth should be at least 1mm deep, forming a continuous band at least 3/4 of the breadth of the tread and all the way around.
  • There should be no lumps, bulges or tears.


What’s a bike without a battery?

  • Charge (if necessary)
  • Check terminals for dust, dirt and corrosion
  • Ensure that the terminals are clean and cables securely connected before starting up your bike

Additional information on checking battery, click here


  • Check all levels and top-up if necessary (oil, brake fluid, fuel).
  • Lookout for fluid degradation (changes in colour and consistency)
  • Replace fluid where necessary


  • Check steering movement – handlebars should move freely lock to lock without any cables being stretched, trapped or pinched, and without any snagging between moving and fixed parts.

Belts and Chains

  • Inspect drivebelt for any damaged teeth or cracking
  • Check tension of drivebelt or chain as specified in bike’s handbook
  • Drive chains should be lubricated to ensure that excessive wear does not take place.

At HEX we have developed 2 solutions which enable you to properly prepare for the best Riding Season of your life:

HEX GS-911

The GS-911 is a new generation diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles. The device enables you to read and clear fault codes, reset service reminders, perform component output tests and calibration, basic coding and bleed tests. The tool also delivers ECU information, complete real-time data and cloud-based service functionality. To find out what else the GS-911 can do
click here.

If you perform a simple autoscan you can immediately see the health of the battery and whether there are any fault codes on any of the controllers of the bike. With real-time data you can check the pressure of the tyres and with service functions you can activate individual lights.


The HEX ezCAN accessory manager enables you to add and configure accessories with ease and without cutting any wires. With the ezCAN it’s simple and easy to fit additional lights, an air horn, accessories, emergency brake lights… whichever accessories your adventuring heart desires! To find out more about our ezCAN accessory manager click here

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