Embargo Guidelines

An embargoed product or service

“Under embargo” simply means you aren’t allowed to share ANY information until such time as the embargo is lifted. An embargo date & time will always be specified.

With special written permission, granted per product embargo, you may apply to release “Teaser” information. Once permission is granted you may release limited teaser content under the following conditions:

  1. Any and all exposure of the new HEX product or service under embargo must clearly state ‘HEX approved BETA Testing – Product Launch Pending
  2. The commercial product name/variant must not be used
  3. The planned launch date/time must not be revealed
  4. Pricing information must not be revealed
  5. The target product or service on which said embargoed product or service will be used once released should not be named (audio or written), nor should a product or service name be fully visible in visual content (for example, the release of a new ezCAN variant for Triumph Tiger. The words “Triumph” or “Tiger” or any identifiable text should not be visible or audible
  6. All products and services under embargo must not be exposed in such a way that it could be perceived to the public as a live product and available to purchase at that time of communication
  7. Embargoed and/or pre-release products and services must not be sold
  8. Tease! …but no details!