GS-911wifi with OBD-II Connector (Enthusiast)

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Experience the next level of motorcycle diagnostics with the HEX GS-911wifi Enthusiast model. Featuring a J1962 (OBD-II) connector, it effortlessly connects to new EU-4 compliant BMW motorcycles for quick and efficient diagnostics. With the GS-911, you can read and clear fault codes, reset service reminders, and much more – all from your laptop or smartphone while on the move. The Enthusiast License offers service functionality for up to 10 VINs, which is fully upgradeable to unlimited VINs with our ProUnlimited Subscription for ultimate diagnostic flexibility. Want to be backward compatible, add a Female diagnostic adapter to extend capabilities to BMW bikes fitted with a 10-pin connection. Elevate your riding experience with precision diagnostics at your fingertips.

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Elevate your BMW motorcycle diagnostic experience with the GS-911wifi Enthusiast model, now equipped with a J1962 (OBD-II) connector for seamless compatibility with new EU-4 compliant BMW motorcycles. This cutting-edge GS-911wifi offers a plug-and-play solution, eliminating the need for an adaptor cable. Tailored for all newer EU-4 compliant BMW motorcycles featuring OBD-II diagnostic connections, it revolutionizes your diagnostic capabilities on the road.

For added convenience and versatility, pair it with the Female OBD-II adaptor cable to make it backward compatible. Unleash the power of D2D (device-to-device) and HEX Cloud connectivity, enhancing your diagnostic capabilities. This model comes out as standard with an Enthusiast License (10 VIN limit) and is fully upgradeable to unlimited VINs (for Service and Maintenance Functions) with our ProUnlimited subscription, providing a flexible and comprehensive diagnostic solution.

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